Shipping & Delivery

Items are shipped within 7 working days upon receipt of payment. Once the parcel is dispatched, we will send you a notification by e-mail.

All items are inspected and carefully packaged prior to shipping. For more secured delivery, customers can add Registered Mail Service. It costs HKD15.50 (USD2.20). Customers will be given a tracking number of the parcel.

For tailor-made items, please check the delivery date before placing an order.

Local Orders
Items will be sent by local post, which is free of charge. It usually takes about 2-3 days for delivery.

International Orders
We send the items by air mail, which takes about 7 to 10 days. Customers may also request for express delivery or others.

Estimated packing and shipping charges are as follows: (Prices may vary depending on the size, weight, quantity on your order)

Cascade Bouquets:USD12.00 and up
Small Bouquets:USD10.00 and up
Swags / Garlands:USD8.00 and up
Complete Sets:USD20.00 and up
Centerpieces:USD9.00 and up

We do combine shipping costs. Your shipping price will be quoted at the time of ordering.


收到貨款後, 貨品會於七個工作天內寄出。包裹寄出後, 我們將會透過電郵發出郵件通知。

所有貨品在寄出前都經過仔細的檢查與包裝。 如需要更可靠的運送方式, 顧客可要求加郵件掛號服務。費用每件為港幣15.5元(即美金2元2角)。顧客會得到一個郵件追查號碼。

對於訂造的產品, 請在發出訂單前先與我們查詢送遞日期。


我們會將貨品用香港本地郵件寄出, 不另收費, 一般需要兩至三天運送。


我們會將貨品用國際空郵寄出, 一般需要七至十天運送。顧客亦可要求選用快遞或其他快捷郵寄方式。

以下為包裝及運送費用之預算: (實際價格可能不同並取決於訂單內貨品之大小, 重量與數量)

拖尾花球:美金12.00 起
小花球:美金10.00 起
垂花飾/籐:美金8.00 起
全套:美金20.00 起
桌上花飾:美金9.00 起