About Us

Flowerytale dedicates in floral arrangement. We specialise in wedding items. You can see our products in this website. Besides http://www.flowerytale.com, we are also selling our items in both Yahoo and E-bay. We have many positive feedback in both Yahoo and eBay.

Why Silk Wedding Flowers?
There are numerous reasons why a bride should choose silk flowers for her wedding day:

- Silk flowers always look perfect and they do not wilt during the wedding day.

- Silk flowers are difficult to damage, so if the bride drops her silk bouquet, it'll still look perfect for the wedding photos.

- Silk flowers are allergy free .

- A bride is free to choose out of season or more exotic flowers on her big day and to perfectly match the colour and style of the floral arrangements to the theme of the wedding.

- Silk flowers would not stain your wedding dress with pollen.

Most importantly, silk wedding flowers are beautiful, difficult to tell from the real thing and they can be cherished for a lifetime.

Our handmade silk floral arrangements can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. No matter you are looking for modern or traditional, exotic or seasonal, Flowerytale can supply your needs.


Flowerytale 專注於絲花花飾設計, 我們專門提供結婚產品。你可以在這個網站中看到我們的產品。除了 http://www.flowerytale.com 之外,我們也在 Yahoo 和E-bay中出售我們的產品並並累積了許多正面評價。為何要在你的婚禮大日子選用絲花

- 像真度高而且在佩帶裝飾時不易損壞及凋謝

- 不會對人產生敏感症

- 不受季節花期及顏色上的限制, 更容易選擇與婚禮主題及服裝搭配的花飾

- 絲花不會褪色而污染你的禮服

- 我們更可針對不同的要求來訂製你的花飾